Monday, May 3, 2010

St. Dominic And The Rosary

Ok, one more.

Our Lady gave St. Dominic the Rosary to pray as an effective tool for the conversion of sinners. Here it is in comic book form. Click for larger images.

[source] The Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact was a Catholic comic book published by George A. Pflaum of Dayton, Ohio and provided to Catholic parochial school students between 1946 and 1972. The digital collection contains the first eighteen volumes running from 1946 to 1963, which are in public domain. There are some issues missing from Volume 4 (1948-1949). The issues published from 1964 through 1971 are still under copyright protection, which cannot be included in the digital collection at this time. Issues published in 1972 were not copyrighted and will be added to the collection soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Interesting to see an old religious "comic book." Of course, I've read that the rosary, or at least aspects of it, developed before the time of Dominic and that further developments in the devotion came after his lifetime. But apparently he contributed to its form and popularity.


Nod said...

Thanks Evan. The Treasure Chest has been a "trove" of goodness.

Lindsay @ Lindsay Loves said...

I have never heard of OLO Pompeii before. Ever. Clearly I could not go to bed without learning my Something New for the Day, and that was it. :)


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