Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tab is Fab

Sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is: Red Bull Sucks.

It tastes like the Ox Bile it was named after. That's where the "bull" comes from: synthesized taurine.

All those so-called energy drinks are loaded with sugar. Sugar puts me to sleep. Red Bull, Monster, Fuze, Full-throttle, SoBe, etc. Bleh. Plus they may cause seizures.

Tab Energy rocks. I don't care if it was made for women, I like the taste and it works. No "sugar", just sucralose (and some other cancer-causing agents). I ain't proud: I drink pink.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Well, shoot, I already got my two front teeth.

Other than World Peace, the Second Coming, and Daily Sanity what else would you want in the under $100 range?

Things under $100
Lost 3
Caps Tickets
Belgian Beer
Shirts (16.5/33), Ties (no stripes!)
Racquetball Glove (large)
...surprise me!

Attila the Hun (de Wohl)
Throne of the World (might be same as Atilla the Hun)
David of Jerusalem: A Novel
THE EMPRESS HELENA (might be same as The Living Wood ; I have that.)
Imperial Renegade

DS Games

Hotel Dusk
Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
Metroid Prime: Hunters

Things definitely NOT under $100
24" iMac
Final Cut Express
Awesome digital cameras
Camcorders (The land of awesome: Canon HV20)
Sherlock Holmes
More Sherlock Holmes

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Grocery Olympics

You'd never think that groceries could be a subject of competition. You'd never think that -- but then you're probably not in my family either. Then again, given its size, maybe you are.

With the larder dangerously low, comments like these are not out of place in my house: "I would never have thought of putting those two foods together". So, OK, already, I get the hint. Time to go shopping.

I like food shopping as a creative outlet. My wife just wants biscotti. My sister-in-law has crowned me King of Useless Foods. Or something like that. I just like to try new things to tantalize my palette. Hey, just because a food stinks, it's not automatically bad.

Just getting staples for a family in the plus six range can add up fast. So with cart brimming over with foodstuffs and falling out on the floor I pull up into what must be my private line. On the extreme left is the "Express" lane (15-items or less), in the middle we have the Regulars, and to the right of that is the Olympic line. The checkout clerk was a little goggle-eyed at the sheer volume of stuff I managed to jam into a single wobbly-wheeled wire-frame chariot.

Clerk: "Christmas shopping?"
Me: (confused) "No, regular."

I got a little appreciative look for that one.

Clerk: "We need more customers like you!"
Me: "Just doing my bit for the economy."

I could have used two carts I suppose, but that's when you know you need to stop shopping -- no more room in the cart. When the kids hit their teens, that will no longer be optional.

Not to be outdone, my sibs reminded me that Mom had a train of four carts on a regular basis.
Says she, "I spent $500 a trip back when that was a lot of money".
News flash: it still ain't chump change.


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