Sunday, May 30, 2010

Galactic Homebrew

I have 5 gallons of beer fermenting in my basement, but apparently that's nothing compared to what the neighbors are doing; and by neighbors, I mean in the Sagittarius B2 region.

[source] McGovern’s enjoyable book, Uncorking the Past, begins with an amazing image: apparently, astronomers have used radio-waves to discover “massive clouds” of alcohol, “measuring billions of kilometers across,” scattered throughout interstellar space, “surrounding new star systems.”

IMAGE: Colour-composite image of the Galactic Centre and Sagittarius B2 from the European Southern Observatory. Sagittarius B2 is a vast cloud of interstellar particles including alcohol in the form of methanol, ethanol, and vinyl ethanol.

So I guess God is the ultimate homebrewer?

In related news, Dogfishhead brewery now has 3500 year old chocolate beer, Theobroma.


kkollwitz said... are way cool on my index.

As the famous philospher said:

Nod said...

If you're ever in the Old Dominion drop by for a homebrew.


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