Monday, May 10, 2010

Bilocation And Other Holidays

Since we're all a journey towards holiness, I thought I'd try bi- and tri-location this weekend. Somehow, I think I'm doing it wrong.

Why does everyone schedule everything for Mother's Day weekend? Don't they know that maybe Mom wants a day of leisure? Instead I got a day with three soccer games, a birthday party, a Scout campout, a double-date Father-daughter dance, a bridal shower, visiting relatives, and extended family dinner.

And that was just Saturday.

The only thing I wasn't part of was the bridal shower. That was Mrs. Nod's job -- that and a nap. Ok, we can't begrudge her that one. But that meant she was out and I was bi-locating. It was an eventful day. One kid almost got lost at the campout, one kid almost drowned at the pool, one kid wouldn't dance, one wouldn't eat, and one wouldn't sleep. I grilled two full top round and 6 T-bone steaks for the family dinner at Mom's house and stayed up to all hours with the relatives. It was exhausting.

Monday morning at the office you get the inevitable question: How was your weekend?

"Good", was my only answer.


kkollwitz said...

How was your weekend?

Painless: none of my kids are in jail.

Nod said...

LOL! Best comment I've ever heard!


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