Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wherein I Declare 'Everything is Fine'

It seems that with few exceptions, the news is universally bad. You've heard the aphorism "If it bleeds, it leads."  Where is the good news you ask?

Studies have shown that people aren't that interested in ordinary pleasant things.  I'm guilty of it too on this blog. Often I feel I must have something "momentous" or "important" to say before I write -- usually a crisis of some kind.

But now -- for a brief spell -- I wish to declare that "Everything is pretty good right now".  Subject to change, natch.

My #1 son, Wynken, has adjusted well to life in the public high school. So far, none of the bogeymen we feared have appeared since his transition from Catholic grade school. He has a neighbor kid the same age whom he walks to school with, both of them with Aspergers. Our families are friends. Yay!

Mrs. Nod had a great Advent and Christmas season. She usually gets down during Winter so the season can be tough. We made some overdue adjustments and -- voila! Happiness ensues. I discovered that when she's happy, I'm happy.

My #4 son, Nub (the one with DS), got to spend the weekend at a respite care facility, Jill's House. We also were granted some money from the State to cover the costs. He loved the facility, the playsets, the people. We enjoyed putting our cares aside for a short time. All the Nodlings said how much they missed him until he returned. I didn't get a little misty -- there was something in my eye.

The girls, Blynken, Nod-girl, and Nib are all doing fine. Even #6 son, Dab, decided to take a short break from being a dangerous almost 3-year old.

Job's fine, people like the work I'm doing. Family is good. God is good.

You may not care. That's OK -- I care.  For one, quiet, shining moment I can breathe easy and say "Everything is fine".  Really.


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