Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Chance

There are a mere few hours left to get your vote in for WBN as Best Potpourri of Popery.
That's right, just when you thought the Catholic blogosphere's snarkiest awards contest would never end -- it ends tonight.

WBN would like to thank all the people we hounded who voted. You guys are the best!


Rebecca Frech said...

Any idea of the final vote totals?

Deacon Bob is claiming a moral victory because his votes were "honest votes."

Nod said...

The Crescat said she'd post final results this weekend. Unofficially, I counted everybody in the Bloc won at least one category,except Joe -- Cleansing Fire crushed everybody.

WBN: 185, 43% (potpourri)
STT: 189, 20% (underappreciated)
DUIB: 142, 23%, CF: 231, 37% (new kid)
AOA: 138, 35% (snarkiest)

We'll let Deacon Bob have his; we'll claim actual victory because our votes were "actual votes"!

Ah well, it was fun.

Nod said...

I see Deacon Bob has amended his post in response to your comment. He is an honorable man.

Congratulations to all!


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