Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Cubed

We recently got a humdinger of a snow storm that shut down the schools, the government, and just about everything else in DC. Now you of the northerly and mid-west states persuasion might say 12-15 inches is nothing, but in NoVA that is a paralyzing amount.
Not our actual driveway

Wet, heavy snow. Even if the plow makes it to our neighborhood, I have a 78-foot driveway to clear first. Wynken and I spent a tedious three hours shoveling off the white stuff. Being a slightly wiser-than-before guy, I used the proper shovel and good shoveling technique to avoid a back injury. We Nods have great thigh muscles!

To distract the #1 son from the boredom and sweat equity of our shoveling, we calculated the volume of snow we had to clear from the driveway as we dug our way to freedom. We have a large 24' square near the garage and then a long 8-foot wide rectangle that leads to the street.

We figured that after all was said and done, we moved nearly 1000 cubic feet of snow off the driveway! That's a lot of cold stuff!

Since the snow was so thick, we could only scrape an two inches of width x 24 feet at a time. How many two-inch passes does it take to clear a 78-foot driveway?

Too many.

I think I may actually break down and buy a snow blower for next year.  Oy!


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