Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homebrew Musings

Making beer is as much about taste as it is about sustenance. Beer, properly made without fillers, is like drinking a loaf of bread. It is the yield of the grain, the staff of life. What can be more basic than wheat beer?

On this edition of Me and the Homebrews, WBN chronicles the making of a Dunkelweizen, or dark wheat, beer.

We got new CO2 and hooked it up, since we are too impatient to wait. Our dunkelweizen actually turned out well enough and everyone is enjoying its wheat-y goodness. Ironically, several of the Homebrews decided that the beer tasted better with less carbonation, i.e., flatter. Excessive carbonation gives it a slightly bitter presentation, although there is nothing wrong with the head.

Perhaps we'll try putting primer in the keg and letting it naturally carbonate; natural fermentation usually lends a softer mouthfeel.

A co-worker sent me a link to the Samuel Adams Longshot homebrew contest. I have some mixed feelings about its founder, Jim Koch, due to his involvement in a serious anti-Catholic incident in 2002, although he did apologize for it. There is no denying that the beer is quality tasty beer, especially the Imperial series.

The Sam Adams video on homebrewing is also worth checking out.

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