Monday, April 26, 2010

Better Ingredients Make ...

... better beer. It's coming.

Golden Naked Oats

[Rebel Brewer] Huskless oat crystal malt. Exotic ingredient for subtle sweet satin nutty difference. Adds a shaving cream like foam and a distinctive creamy mouthfeel to any beer. One of the true "secret" ingredients used by many craft brewers and award winning Homebrewers.

Use up to 15% (or more if you are really into oats)
Avg. Lovibond: 15
Origin: UK

[F&J] Chocolate Malt shares many of the characteristics of Black Malt but because it is roasted for a slightly shorter period of time and end temperatures are not so high, colour is 200° EBC lighter.

This also means that some of the harsher flavours of Black Malt are not so pronounced. It retains a smoky flavour but is far less bitter. Its main uses are in darker beers and it is used in a well known stout, together with roasted barley to produce a more mellow less bitter taste.

CaraMalt is a very low colour Crystal Malt which has an almost completely glassy endosperm. It contains a greater degree of sweetness and stronger caramel flavour than Crystal Malt and the harsher nutty roasted flavours are not present.

It greatly improves body, foam retention and beer stability whilst adding little colour. It has therefore, become very popular in the production of lagers where it is used to assist in enhancing flavour and character. It has also become a common constituent for this reason, in low alcohol lagers.

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