Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blynken Soccer

Today was a three ring circus; it would have been five, but we kept the toddlers home. We had three overlapping soccer games, so we called in the auxiliaries.

The girls are new to soccer this year, and I really thought that Blynken would like it the least. Today was her team's third game, and up to now they have been getting creamed.

But to my delight, Blynken has had the best attitude of any of the kids. After a spectacular 12-4 loss, she came off the field beaming, "I had a lot of fun, Dad."

For today's game, she asked her coach if she could play goalie for the first half so she didn't have to run as much. And lo and behold! the other team didn't score at all for the first half. She's never done this before, but apparently takes direction well and was aggressive to the ball. The game ended in a 2-2 tie which is fantastic for her team.

Maybe it was a fluke, and we haven't seen how she deals with getting scored on, but maybe we have a budding goalie on our hands. In any case she gets an A+ for playing that Blynken soccer with a good attitude.

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Rachael said...

YAY, Blynk!!! Please let me know when her games are... I would love to see one!


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