Saturday, November 8, 2008

Riddle Me This

Wynken brought up a riddle at dinnertime that he actually didn't know the answer to.

I have to admit, it had me stumped for a good ten minutes or more before I got the old brain-box in gear. Part of that time was spent in making sure he was telling the riddle correctly, so that it could be solved.

In true Encyclopedia Brown style, I managed to solve it before the end of dinner with the help of a few Cheerios.

See if you can solve this riddle (it may be easier to see it than hear it like I did ... then again, maybe hearing it is better):
The one before first is first of you;
the next of you is double of you;
the last of you is the first of you.

Guess away!

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Anonymous said...

I read all of your content. So there! :-)



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