Saturday, November 15, 2008

HighDef and Shiny

Yeah, so we finally bit the bullet in advance of the Death of Analog Broadcasting (DAB) and got a new HDTV. To be honest, I really didn't feel a "need" to buy it, since I don't watch that much broadcast TV and I'm too cheap to buy cable TV.

But then again, there's football.

So, Mrs. Nod picked out the new model, making sure that The Specifications were correct (height, width, viewing distance, etc.). With a lot of businesses going out of business due to the Credit Crunch, the latest rage in our area is to pay people $10/hr to stand on the street corner with a big obnoxious sign proclaiming their incredible deals (aka bankruptcy). I just so happened to pass one of these for Tweeter and swooped in to buy the (perfectly fine) floor model at an additional $200 discount.

So now it's here, it's shiny, the picture is super-crisp (on-air DTV, not Cable), and we've avoided the DAB cutoff.

Hey, is that football on?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Okay. Let us clarify:

Who was talking about DVRs and football?


DVRs are only available on HDTV.

You can't place ALL the blame on me.


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