Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Custard's Last Stand

Frozen custard's last stand is an enduring one. Far from decaying into culinary oblivion, frozen custard sales are numerous and multiplying fast at least in this area. This tasty treat is similar to ice cream but with less air, more butterfat (10%), and egg yolk (1.4%).

Frozen Custard was invented in 1919 by three brothers of Swiss descent, Archie (age 26), Clair (age 21) and Elton (age 17), who did a raging business on Coney Island that summer.

Most frozen custard shops have chocolate, vanilla, and a rotating Flavor of the Day. I happen to be stuffing my face with a seasonal treat, "Pumpkin Pie", from Milwaukee Frozen Custard as well as their "Pecan Praline".

When the chips are down, why stop with chips? Reach for the comfort food. Mmmmm, frozen custard. It's waaaaay better than ice cream.

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