Friday, November 14, 2008

Campaign For Real Time

If we could only get retailers to celebrate holidays in the correct season ...

I object to even thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving and certainly not before All Saints. I know I'm in the minority here, but it's a position I'm accustomed to, so ... :P

Do we really need to buy bikinis in January? How come when I go to the store in the middle of winter I can't get a pair of gloves for my freezing hands?

My idea: let's just be present where we are. Holidays need to be celebrated when they actually occur, otherwise they are devoid of meaning.

Campaign For Real Time (CRT) is my imaginary public service announcement organization. You can donate imaginary dollars to the cause and it won't cost you a single thing!

From the folks over at CitizenLink comes this amusing video: Tossmas 2008. If you can't say Christmas, your catalog may well get "tossed".


Rachael said...

maybe you shouldn't check out our blog for the next couple of days...or months... :)

Nod said...

Are you like our friend who starts Christmas in July?


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