Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still Life With Cameraphone: Farmer's Market

Michelle Obama very nearly earned my opprobrium in the form of a Blynken Raspberry today with the institution of the new McPherson Square Farmer's Market. The Office of the First Lady narrowly avoided the anti-award because the Metro station upon which my commute relies did not close entirely and the McPherson entrance was open after 4 p.m.
[Dr. Gridlock] The District Department of Transportation warns motorists that Vermont Ave NW will be closed between H and I streets today until 8 p.m. for the new [McPherson Square] farmer's market. These closures will continue every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. through Oct. 29.

Additionally, the Vermont Avenue entrance at McPherson Square station will close until approximately 4 p.m. today. Metro advises riders to use the 14th st entrance during that time.

Now in general I am very supportive of real farmers (as opposed to big agribiz), fresh produce, and cutting out the middleman. So I have no problem with the idea of a farmer's market as long as it doesn't make everybody else's life miserable in the process.

The stretch of road that is Vermont Ave NW between H and I streets is tiny; even though some buses had to be re-routed, I don't think it had that much impact. Given the fact that it is one day a week for a limited time until October 29, it should be livable.

Not that traffic in the city has ever been good, but since Congress and schools came back into session the traffic everywhere is horrible. If you really, really want to help ease traffic congestion then get a job within 5-10 miles of where you live.

Me, I'm starting the countdown.

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