Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fallen Things

The night had just fallen on this early fall day.

Only 30 minutes ago I was walking outside under that tree at twilight looking at the fence with the contractor. We were just shuffling the last of the Nodlings off to bed when we heard that horrifying crack.

Blynken screamed, Mrs. Nod jumped out of her seat, and I went outside with a flashlight to investigate.

A giant section of our Bradford Pear tree broke clean off and came crashing down in the back yard. The high winds must have weakened it earlier in the day. Bradford Pears are notoriously weak jointed and prone to splitting at the crotch. Those branches must weigh several hundred pounds and fell at least 20 feet -- enough to kill.

But as God willed it, it fell exactly between the deck, house, and fence hitting none (including me). I used this event to reassure Blynken and Nod-girl of the Providence of God and his constant care and concern for us. I hugged the girls and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving that we had been spared.

Spared of Fallen things. Hm. Past time for a trip to Confession to repair my own fallen state. Deo gratias.

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