Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Wow, I've never been tagged before, so I'm not sure how to react to being tapped with the Honest Scrap Award. First, mad props to David for even considering me: you da man! Now, as to 10 Honest Facts about myself -- really, I can't even fib just a little bit? -- oh, very well:
  1. My mother bought me a T-shirt in high school that showed one colorful fish swimming against a school of plain fish and said "That's so you, going against the crowd." At the time I thought she was crazy; five years later I agreed it was true.
  2. I was a teenage heart-throb for one month after having the lead role in Grease in high school -- and I've never wanted to be that popular again.
  3. I brew my own beer.
  4. I've known since I was in fifth grade that my vocation was to be a husband and a father; it was always a matter of finding the right girl.
  5. I actually know all the lyrics to the song Louie Louie, but my favorite version is by Bill the Cat.
  6. I've been called a Super Catholic by my old co-workers, and they actually bought me a shirt with that on it. Maybe they just never met a practicing one ...
  7. There are only 7 foods that I absolutely hate: eggplant, mussels, liver, organs of any kind, marinated artichoke hearts in chicken salad, non-Kraft macaroni and cheese, and artificial smoke flavor.
  8. I am now allergic to cleaning product fumes, air fresheners, scented pine cones, candles, scented hand lotion, and nail polish odors. Flowers and gasoline are no problem.
  9. When people marvel that I have 5 kids, I say, "Thanks, we made them ourselves."
  10. People actually pay me to break their computers.
Voila! The rules as I learned 'em: Thank me profusely, submit ten honest facts about yourself, and pass it on... Next up: Pat, Polska-Polska, and Paul.

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