Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wake up dead man

Just before 9pm on Sunday night, the doorbell rang. The man at the door was clearly agitated.
"Call the police! There's a dead man in that house!"

That house is right next door. Over the last 2 years it has been a revolving rental property, with all kids of strange comings and goings at all hours of the night. Strange men have been arrested, walls have been constructed, de-constructed, a new set of cars every couple of weeks. Rumors of massive housing code violations. Last week had ICE swarming the property without success. A few minutes later, the neighbor reported 2 men running from the house and taking off in a dark colored SUV.

As it turns out, the agitated man, David, was right. The police were called and showed up within 10 minutes. The paramedics showed up too, but it was too late for Ivan, the victim of an apparent hanging.

Ivan, a quiet computer technician, had been living in the basement for the last year. He had not been seen or heard from in two days, according to the landlord, who also lives in the house. David persuaded her to open the door to Ivan's room with her key, whereupon she began screaming hysterically. "Call the police!", David said. When she didn't comply immediately, he ran out of the house to the house next door.

Circle back to the doorbell.

Right now, we're waiting for the coroner, or the hearse, or something. May God have mercy on his soul. More to follow.


Patrick said...

Yipes. Hopefully the kids were insulated from all this?

Rachael said...

Well, that is more than a little scary... What is the update??

Nod said...

Yes, the kids missed it, for the most part. Wynken stuck his head out the window at one point, but he was quickly put back in bed.

K*Lo said...

Your 'hood is scary.


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