Monday, September 29, 2008

Wake up dead man: video

I can't help posting the video of them taking the body away. The quality is poor, the angle is bad, and it's just plain dark outside. My camera wasn't meant to see in the dark. But I waited up to see how it would end.
It was sort of casual business-like; one guy is actually whistling while he works. The only audio I can make out is "It's not a murder", and "You'll have to talk to your lawyer about that" (presumably to the question: what do I do about this?)

I thought there would be a black hearse or something, but instead there were two white vans and a dark SUV. They did body-bag poor Ivan, so there isn't anything gruesome to see.

The neighborhood is all a-buzz, but the next-door neighbor isn't talking; she avoided me like crazy after work today. This whole thing is distracting and vaguely unsettling.


Patrick said...

VAGUELY unsettling? ;)

Nod said...

Um, a lot unsettling?


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