Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Super Catholic Heroes

Everybody should have a theme song.

The feast of All Saints is all about Super Catholic Heroes.

A co-worker of mine once dubbed me a Super Catholic. I think he just never actually met a practicing Catholic. (And why do we call it practice? ... So we can keep trying until we get it right). At first I didn't particularly like the moniker, given the implications, but I learned to roll with it. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. No really, I got the t-shirt.

One day I told him I had to stop by the local Catholic Shop after work.
He responded,
"Why? Are you low on Catholic?".

(Hmm, maybe; see parenthetical #1).

So where do you go when you're low on Catholic? Aside from a good sacrament or two, may I suggest some free Catholic music? Check out the Catholic Rockers podcast or perhaps a quick shot of That Catholic Show on SQPN.

And since it is All Hallows Eve ...
the story of Jack, the Depressed Pumpkin.

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