Sunday, January 13, 2013

It Would Never Happen

Something wonderful happened today.

Or rather something wonderful isn't going to happen, but it would be really, really nice if it did.

I mentioned that Wynken had got a partial scholarship offer to the local Catholic high school because he scored in the top 1% in his high school placement test.  Well, the mother of the only other student to receive such a scholarship in his class called today to say that her daughter wouldn't be accepting because at a 40% subsidy they couldn't afford that and her dance lessons together. And her daughter really, really wants to dance.

So, she thought she might give her 40% scholarship to my son, Wynken, thereby giving him an 80% scholarship (which would seal the deal for me). She figured the school "allocated" the money for two scholarships anyway, why not give it all to just one? She figured she would just ask the school in any event if it was okay with me. (You want to give me free money but want to check to make sure it's okay first?! Uh -- yeah.)

Sigh.  If only it worked that way.

It would never happen. But just the very idea that she would think of such a thing has left me flabbergasted.  Go'r Bless ye, Mrs. Jones, yer a better Christian than I am. It warms the cockles of my cold heart to know there are such people in the world.

We get to meet with the school placement consultants next week so they can advise us what might be "best" for our smart, but needy, Wynken.

Wish us luck -- or better yet give us your prayers.


Rebecca Frech said...

Homeschooling is kinda cool for nerdy smart kids...

Nod said...

Yes, Rebecca, I've been following your series with great interest.

We seriously considered homeschooling, went to conferences, bought the books. A number of our friends homeschool.

We love the idea, we are very supportive. For reasons that are complicated we found that we couldn't.

Nod said...

God has provided for us thus far, so we're praying and waiting on Him to show us what we should do.


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