Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote like your religious liberty parts depend on it

Vote. I did. It's a civic and a moral responsibility. I even used a paper ballot.

Let's just say that I didn't want any ... irregularities with my ballot . There were over 20 people in line ahead of me to vote electronically, but only two to vote by paper.

No hanging chads here, just good old-fashioned fill in the circle. With permanent ink.

I almost always vote down bonds because they start with the sentence "shall we contract a debt" but I looked up the financial management of our county and it is first rate. They have a specific plan to retire half of the bond debt within 5 years.

Eminent domain is finally --finally! --getting a review to limit its power to prevent seizing someone's property to build a stadium or for Economic gain.

Finally, vote for religious freedom because that which is lost is twice as hard to gain back. Although it may seem intangible it will be the thing most sorely missed when you need it.

Creeping tyranny must always be resisted!

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