Monday, February 25, 2008

Drive-Thru Jesus

Should Confessionals work more like a drive through? I've had priests cut me off in the confessional with "I don't need details. Just your sins. Type and Number."

I understand the need to keep things short and sweet to prevent a simple confession turning into a therapy session, confession of other people's sins, self-justification, or indulging scruples. But just "type and number"?

Type and Number? Sounds like an Extra Value Meal.

"Ok, I had a #3, two number 10's with malice, and a double whopper with a venial side of bending the truth. Oh, and supersize the anger."

"Can I get that absolution to go?"

Where does it all end? Fr Tom Washburn OFM's blog has a cute joke on the subject.

For those of you with iTunes enjoy Bob Rice's Drive Thru Jesus.


Patrick said...

Your drive-through order made me laugh. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

i'm not a catholic but completely down with confessing my sins to God- the Lord Jesus Christ. i'm so glad i can be as detailed and specific as i want to be (and long winded too) when i talk with God. Our Father in heaven has all the time in the world to hear my repentent heart! your blog is powerful and i believe it makes people think twice about what confessing our sins is all about!


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