Saturday, August 21, 2010

Painting The Roses Red

We live on the most ... colorful ... street sometimes. We've discussed before certain peculiarities that my neighbor exhibits. Mostly we mind our own business but when you do things in public, people will talk.

I can appreciate that she is trying to maintain the grounds and keep up property values. Generally speaking everything can be "smartened up" with a coat of paint (except when it's my fence). However, there are certain things that generally do not need to be painted - which include trees.

Mrs. Nod alerted me to the fact that our neighbor was painting her tree trunks brown. Aren't they already brown? Yes, but not this shade of brown. Maybe it's an herbicide or anti-fungal. No, it's a gallon of brown stain.

Um ... that's odd. It will likely kill the trees too. I've heard that dogs sometimes can kill a tree by chewing all the bark off in a circle on a tree trunk. I know that human beings can die if they paint 100% of their skin since it won't be able to breathe. Therefore, I imagine that trees won't fare particularly well if you paint the entire trunks.

But hey, in the meantime it's a lovely shade of brown. It reminds me of this clip from Disney's Alice in Wonderland where the Cards are painting the white roses red.
Painting the roses red
Many a tear we shed
Because we know
They'll cease to grow
In fact, they'll soon be dead
And yet we go ahead
Painting the roses red


Heather said...

Our neighbor cut down ALL of his trees because he was tired of raking up the leaves.

I think this fall when we rake up our leaves we'll go dump then on his lawn. HAHA.

Nod said...

That kind of behavior is truly mystifying.

I heard an urban legend of someone being so fed up with mowing the lawn that he had the whole thing converted to dandelions.


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