Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spy Hunter Roadster

Now I don't claim to be a car buff, but I do know when I see something different.

I was behind this guy at a traffic light and noticed this little square panel with an arrow pointing to it on the back of the car. It's not a gas cap, I could see that on the side. It's not for getting in the trunk. I've never seen anything like this before - so I took a picture with my phone.

I took note of the make and model: a Honda S2000 Roadster -- apparently quite the sports car. So what in the world is this panel and why does it have an arrow pointing to it?

Well, Professor Google knows it all, so I finally found an owner's manual (like I'm ever going to own this car, yeah, right). Turns out this unique aperture is -- are you ready for this? -- a tow line.

Well, if you're gonna blow $35K on a two-seater, you can afford to have your own tow hook built in. Shades of Spy Hunter and Peter Gunn! Does it have smoke screen, oil slick, and machine guns too? 'Cause then I think I might be interested.

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