Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Golden Chariot, Cloven Hoof

With Mrs. Nod out of town, the task of getting her Odyssey inspected before it expired fell to me. I dropped it off at the local shop for what I expected to be a $14 sticker.

The call a couple of hours later indicated that this was not my lucky day.
"I'm sorry, sir, your car failed inspection."
"Hm, okay, what is it, a light bulb?"
"No, two of your four engine mounts are broken."
Two ...?!
Gee, didn't I just do this very same thing about a month ago with my other car? This time, it was three times as expensive. Ouch.

In general, Hondas are good cars (or were). But when they need fixing it's pricey. The very reason we bought Honda was that it wouldn't need fixing before it was paid off. Ok, it's been paid off for a few years, but it actually has very low mileage - one of the benefits of being a homebody, I guess. Every thing we do is local.

There goes the foyer. Ever since we moved into out house twelve years ago, we've had the same ugly green striped wallpaper in the foyer. Every other part of the house has been changed, painted, remodeled or replaced. The foyer has remained the way it was because to try to strip the wallpaper means you have to straddle the pit over the split foyer stairs. One slip means falling a full two stories to an ignominious death.

We've been kicking around the idea of finally getting it stripped and repainted, but the labor doesn't come cheap. With the last minute plane fare to her aunt's funeral and the unplanned repairs to the van, the money for the foyer just evaporated.

I guess I'll just drive the foyer around for a while.

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