Monday, August 9, 2010

Here We Go Again

So we got through my sister's wedding, we sang our song, people were laughing and crying (whether it was our singing we're not sure). But hey, Mom and Sis were happy so who cares?

Yes, I've seen the recording and no, I'm not posting it anywhere. Despite assurances to the contrary, some things are better remembered than revisited. Hey, I'm glad you liked it, just let me fade back into the chorus where I belong.

Alas, not so. Now my cousin is getting married next week and I'll be singing a duet with my brother. Heck, all I have to do is get through The Gift of Love by Hal Hopson and it'll be fine. (It's just that I don't count well, especially when I'm nervous.) It's not like I'm singing the Ave Maria like some people.  I had a taste of public singing back in my high school musical days and that's enough. I can perform if I have to, but other people like my brother got the whole ham bone - they actually revel in it.

I meant to say no, but my cousin is too sweet, an only child, and well, we're family. I should have done it by email, but nooooo, I had to talk to her in person. Too late!

Now I have to learn a new piece by Saturday. A-one and a-two and a - drat! start again ...

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