Monday, August 2, 2010

No Beer In Space

Followers of this blog will know that Me and the Homebrews have a respectful appreciation for good beer. According to Mary Roach at NPR, we can't bring beer into space, and therefore to Mars.

No beer in space? Well, then it's very simple. I'm not going into space and I'm not going to Mars. 
Never mind all those dreams as a kid of being an astronaut, floating weightlessly among the stars, blasting off to brave new worlds.

It's a fascinating listen, but probably one best heard in an easy chair with a cold one in hand ...


LarryD said...

Is Romulan Ale carbonated? If not, there's your answer!

Not only that, if NASA worked on building a TARDIS, then all the problems pointed out in the "Packing For Mars" book would be moot.

Nod said...

One thing is for sure: there will be no synthahol for this crew!

That's like drinking O'Douls - why bother unless your kidneys just need a workout?


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