Monday, August 16, 2010

Notre Dame Road Trip

Just got back from my cousin's wedding at Notre Dame. The Cathedral is awesomely beautiful. Here are a couple of quick pictures from inside. This doesn't begin to capture the beauty of this church dedicated to Our Lady.

The first one is a long shot from the back of the church looking towards the altar. The church extends for a fair bit behind the altar. In fact that was where we heard Mass from for the Feast of the Assumption today (televised, no less).

Notre Dame Cathedral

The second picture is the Notre Dame choir loft from which my brother and I sang for my cousin's wedding. My, but the sound carries from there - great view too. Nobody can see if you're counting on your fingers from there. I guess I can cross this off my bucket list.
Notre Dame Choir Loft

Finally, I was entranced by the holy oils ensconced in their own place of honor at the entrance of the church near the baptismal font (which is 80+ degrees!). From the left you can see the Oil of Catechumens, Holy Chrism, and Oil of the Sick.
Notre Dame Holy Oils
I'll elaborate after I've gotten some rest. Ciao!


LarryD said...

beautiful pictures, Nod!

Nod said...

Thanks, Larry. It was spectacular - I'd love to go back when I had more time...

Lindsay said...

I love the Basilica. One of the hidden gems is the burial plaque (for lack of a better word) for Orestes Brownson in Sacred Heart Parish underneath the Basilica proper. I had a brief interior struggle walking over it (it's in the floor in the middle of the center aisle!) on my way to confession one Saturday.

Moonshadow said...

beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing them and glad you have a great trip.


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