Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So tomorrow it's supposed to rain like the dickens and drop 2"-3" inches of rain all at once during the rush hour, where I'm supposed to sit for multiple hours a day on the Beltway, to go to a far away location that I don't want to be at, to do a job that bores me, while chores and projects pile up at home that aren't getting done, because my pregnant wife doesn't feel well enough to do them, while my kids laze about the house because there is no one to persuade them into helping ... and my motivation for wanting to get up and go to work tomorrow IS????



LarryD said...

Nod, meet cross. Cross, meet Nod.

I'll pray for you, bud!

Nod said...

Yeah, I know. Pity parties aren't much fun for anybody. Thanks.


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