Sunday, August 22, 2010

Virtual Confession: iConfess

The Nodlings were asking to go to Confession, and based on some recent behaviors they needed it.

When I announced we were going this Saturday, Wynken sighed with relief, Blynken said "Ok, good.", and Nod-girl (who hasn't made her first Reconciliation yet) asked if she could go too. So in order to prepare, I had each of them get a sheet of paper and make out a list in their rooms. I find that the act of writing it down makes it a bit more real and tangible - that way there is no "forgetting".

Then I downloaded this iPhone/iPad application called iConfess mostly because I was curious. At $3 I could afford to be curious. It's a relatively simple application that guides you through your Examination of Conscience and common prayers. You can check off your sins into a "For Confession" list and make notes as well. And yes, it does offer a "password" function to keep nosy-bodies out.

For the record, I did not find a category regarding duct-taping children to the wall. Not that I needed it, mind you, I'm just saying. Here's a screenshot from the Web site.

I read the detailed Examination out loud in the presence of the Nodlings, and noticed a few extra pencil scratchings on their lists. Worth the three bucks right there. Not the greatest app, not the worst app, but it did get its job done. I took it into the confessional with me and read right off the list. There was only 1 priest on duty today and he had the 5:30 Mass and a loooong line, so I thought it prudent to keep it short and sweet.

It was a virtual confession of sorts, but more like a memory aid. Not like the time when that priest in college offered me confession over the phone ... but that's a different story.

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