Thursday, August 5, 2010

24:15 Talking About Sex With Your Son

Today marks my first article of As For Me And My House over at Catholic Dads Online.

I chose a bit of an ambitious subject for my first column, but one I hope is timely and profitable to you. (Maybe next week's article will be on bubblegum or something simple...)

Anyhow, head on over and check it out and leave me a note telling me you did so. Be gentle with me, it's my first time ...


Joshua 14:15: As for me and my house  Boys.

They are like chips off of the old block. When they’re four years old, they follow Daddy everywhere, because he’s a hero and can do no wrong.

Anything Daddy does is fascinating and your boy wants to copy everything. But then they start to grow up, lose that baby fat in their faces, and before too long you’re sweating the details of The Talk

We’ve reached this point in the House of Nod.

Talking about sex with their boys is dreaded by Dads everywhere. When is the appropriate time? How much do you reveal now vs. later? Is this the end of their innocence? How do I bring this up, anyway? 

Breathe. Breathe.

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