Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Quiet Light

THE QUIET LIGHT, by Louis De Wohl, is quite possibly my favorite book.

I purchased it on a whim because I had $5 left over on a gift certificate to a Catholic book store. I even bought it again after I thought I had lost it several years later.

It has everything a guy could ask for: knights errant, Crusades, the towering intellect of Thomas Aquinas, romantic love, self sacrifice, philosophy, history, drama, and Truth.

Louis De Wohl books are as addictive as crack -- and they're about Saints!

Only another writer can describe it well (emphases mine):
De Wohl's narrative, character development, and spellbinding prose made THE QUIET LIGHT much more than the fictionalized biography of Thomas Aquinas I had expected. It was nothing less than a staggering example of compelling storytelling which, by the sheer enormity of talent displayed, should have intimidated any aspiring/wanna-be writer.

Be advised: you will come away from THE QUIET LIGHT with more than the pleasure of having read a masterly crafted novel of the Middle Ages. Rather, you will find yourself informed and educated on everything from the Crusades to the philosopical infighting then being waged throughout both Europe and the Saracen worlds to the intrigues of the Italian nobility and their Germanic, decidedly unholy Holy Roman Emperor. You will marvel at how De Wohl weaves all this into a story that is filled with richly drawn characters, both historical and fictional.

By the end of THE QUIET LIGHT, you may even discover you have learned something about how to tell a story in a way that makes the reader mourn that he or she has reached the end of the book.

THE QUIET LIGHT is that good. So is Louis De Wohl.

--Earl Merkel

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