Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Earth Moved Under Our Feet

On Thursday, I was on the phone with a guy in California, when he suddenly starts shouting, "Hang on, hang on! I think we just had an earthquake!" and throws down the phone. Turns out he's right: Magnitude 4.1 San Francisco Bay Area, CA January 07, 2010. I felt my own pulse quicken, and I was 300 miles away.

Now the news is all abuzz about another 6.5 magnitude earthquake in California on Saturday. In fact, the hits just keep on coming: 4.5, 4.2.

Time Magnitude Location
13 minutes ago 4.2 Offshore Northern California Map
59 minutes ago 4.5 Offshore Northern California Map
2 hours ago 6.5 Offshore Northern California Map

Now I know one reason why we don't live there anymore. We always joked about "the Big One" and how we should buy future beach-front property in Arizona.

It seems something is always moving somewhere in the world. Check out these fault lines and recent earthquakes map.

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