Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Weather Redux

The little dusting we weren't going to get has now swung north and dumped two or three inches.

It's a light, fluffy snow that's maddening to clear, because it won't stay on the shovel. Although it's not icy, there have been several spin-outs on the road.

I talked with several people today and almost every one of them said they went driving in the snow to do some errand. What is it about us that leads us to danger even when it isn't strictly necessary?

It's cold out there. Brrrr.

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Kardinal said...

What you often don't hear from the snippet-size weather reports we geeks usually get off the Internet is how confident they are in those predictions. I was listening to someone on the radio on Friday who was an amateur meteorologist so would watch the meteorology forums online. He said that yes, the best guess was 1-2 inches. But there was like a 30% chance of 3-4 inches and like a 10% chance of 12+! So it was their BEST guess, but there was a serious chance of much more. And they knew it, they just have to compress forecasts into tiny tiny spaces with no room for confidence intervals


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