Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Bit Happiness

The Nodlings are back in school, and everyone is the happier for it.

Nod-girl earned a trip to the "Treasure Box" and came away with a Snow White toy mirror. A lot of the "treasures" appear to have been used or donated, but when you're in first grade you don't notice or care. The magic mirror's button batteries had died, though, and Nod-girl wanted them replaced in order to make whatever obnoxious sound magic mirrors are supposed to make.

"Daddy, will you please fix it?"

How can I say no? The first hurdle to overcome was the non-standard screws holding it together. Triangle-shaped screw slots -- are you kidding me? This was NOT intended to be field serviced. In the end, a pair of needle nosed pliers doubled as a triangle-shaped allen wrench.

Once open, I note the three tiny button batteries which I don't have. Undaunted, I remember a Hallmark greeting card I recieved had a larger version powering it. After disassembling the card and cannibalizing the battery and speaker wire and some scotch tape, I McGyver'ed together a working version of the magic mirror. It's not perfect and it won't last, but it does make that "magic mirror" sound.

Now why in the world did I spend two and a half hours trying to fix a two dollar toy?

Maybe I'm running for World's Best Dad; or maybe because it'll bring a little two-bit happiness to a little girl who deserves some.

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