Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Delivers Royal Butt Kicking To Coakley

In the upset election victory of the decade in Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown has defeated the once heavily favored Democrat, Martha Coakley.

Unofficially, Brown garnered about 100,000 more votes in the Senate race to replace the late Edward Kennedy (D-MA). The race was especially upsetting to Democrats in what was considered the bluest of the blue states. Other people are dancing a jig.

Many pro-life and other groups opposed to the Democrats health care reform bill in Congress are hailing Scott Brown's election as a way to break the filibuster-proof margin in the Senate. Both candidates are pro-abortion, but Brown campaigned on the cornerstone of opposing the Democrats' health care bill.

It remains to be seen whether the Republican victory is a pyrrhic one, as Speaker of the House Pelosi has vowed to push through the bill "no matter what".

Also, today's savior could be tomorrow's goat. Remember Specter? In the meantime: "Face!"

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