Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wynken Wish List

Every parent has ups and downs with their kids.

It's called life -- it happens; God made us because he thought we'd like it. And in general, we do. Still every parent wonders sometimes how they're doing raising their kids. This month Wynken turns 11 years old. Eleven! Where does the time go?

So it's probably illustrative of how we're doing to see what the boy wants for his birthday.
  • First, Star Wars stuff or Legos - okay, pretty typical for his age.
  • Next, a memory card for his new DSi - again, typical.
  • His own adult Bible (not a kid's version).
Wait. Did he say his own Bible? Okaaay.

That's an encouraging sign that he would actually ask for his own. Granted, the boy will literally read anything you put in front of him -- newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries -- but those are targets of opportunity, boredom, curiosity, whatever. He asked for his own Bible. I guess they do listen, they just pretend like they don't hear you.

So here it is: the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition by Ignatius. Bonded leather with the symbols of the four Evangelists and an icon of Christ embossed on the cover.
The RSV Second Catholic Edition made some changes and added footnotes according to Liturgiam Authenticam, and features new typesetting and maps. The main difference between the RSV-CE and the Second Catholic Edition is the updating of some of the more archaic language. [source]
Apparently this is the translation that we will be using in the near future; he may as well get used to it.

For fun, I picked up a Vulgate copy of the New Testament in the bookstore to see if I could still read and understand the Latin. Yup. Still works; now back to the English.


the Mom said...

I have that Bible (in the paperback) and I love it!

Lindsay said...

I have that Bible in hardcover, and I love it, too! The language is beautiful but accessible (and as an world and Brit lit teacher, I have seen firsthand how important is it to have a good translation).


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