Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out of Whack

The Christmas interlude is thankfully over and the Nodlings are headed back to school tomorrow. Since they attend a Catholic school, they actually get "Christmas vacation" and not some generic "Winter break".

We've had a good time, but the downsides are starting to show. The kids' schedule is seriously off-kilter. Too many late nights, special treats, candy and desserts, sleep overs, and celebrations have started to take their toll. Although we settled them down early, sleep does not come easy for the Nodlings.

We've noticed that the kids do best with a regular schedule, regular meals, regular expectations. It's almost too much for them to handle so much freedom. There is a direct correlation between their attitudes and their adherence to schedule.

Although they may grumble in the morning, I'll bet the Nodlings are secretly relieved to be going back to school. Their parents are not-so-secretly relieved.

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