Sunday, January 31, 2010

The NFL And Abortion

Next Sunday we'll hear a lot about two things: the winner of the Superbowl and the Superbowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow, star quarterback of the Florida Gators and Heisman Trophy-winner.

The 30 second ad will be the heartwarming story of how Pam Tebow ignored doctor's advice to abort her baby when she contracted amoebic dysentery and delivered a healthy son who has grown up to be a star on and off the field. The ad, which hasn't been released, is being billed as more pro-life in the best sense of the word as opposed to anti-abortion.

Whether the ad ever sees the light of day is irrelevant at this point. The message has gone out far and wide thanks to the radical feminazis' paroxysms of outrage over at NOW and NARAL. The nation is talking, having that dialog that anti-science abortion groups have tried to prevent. The increased use of ultrasound technology makes clear that the subject of an abortion is a human baby and not an inert clump of cell with "heart tones".

Despite active attempts to hide the truth and a relentless barrage of "pro-choice" messages by almost every mainstream media outlet, a majority of the people in the country today consider themselves "pro-life", according to Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey. And increasing numbers of those people are the young, who will determine the future of the country. This is hardly surprising, since abortion advocates can't be expected to reproduce in appreciable numbers; they literally kill off their point of view.

Tim Tebow is not the first football star to come out in support of the pro-life cause. Giants co-owner Wellington Mara made a short video in 1989, "Champions For Life," in which members of the 1987 Superbowl Champion New York Giants spoke out against abortion.

That was twenty-two years ago. Now the next generation's turn to step up and speak out has come. That is exactly what twenty-two year old Tim Tebow is doing.

You can thank his mom.

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the rumored ad doesn't feature Tim at all. But props to his mom.



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