Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fifth Beer Of Christmas

After the super-heavy barley wine experience of last time, we zipped across to the other end of the spectrum for the Fifth Beer of Christmas. This time the offering was Tommyknocker's Jack Whacker Wheat Ale.
This American-style wheat ale is a light, unfiltered brew with a citrus aroma and flavor imparted by a late addition of lemon grass. This unfiltered beer retains all of its protein, flavor, and some of its yeast, resulting in a traditionally cloudy appearance. It's the perfect refreshment for a thirsty, trail weary, ale lover.

Tommyknockers were mischievous elves who slipped into mining camps with the Cornish miners in the 1800's. The Jack Whacker's role was to whip the last mule to keep the supply train moving along.
The Jack Whacker is a pleasant light-bodied wheat ale. It sports a delicate citrus bouquet and a subtle lemony aftertaste that is imparted from the lemon grass. It has a cloudy appearance that is characteristic of unfiltered wheat beers. The simple wheat taste is understated in the Jack Whacker. It provides a delicious counterpoint to a hearty bowl of chili.

As Mrs. Nod noted, "it smells more like real beer".

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