Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When You Don't Vote

When you don't vote, some carpetbagger comes into your District and wins the election by 317 votes. Dave Marsden doesn't live here. Now I'm pissed.

Senate District 37 (Fairfax County)

39 of 39 precincts reporting

Marsden 11,943 (50.62%)
Hunt 11,626 (49.28%)
Write-Ins 21 (0.08%)

The U.S. Census is coming up; based on population figures, district lines get redrawn. Does this district look like it got gerrymandered at some point?


Patrick said...

Hunt won in my district. You know, leading up to this special election, I was BOMBARDED by literature from Marsden. Flyers almost every day in the mail and often placed in my front door. I never saw anything from Steve Hunt.

I think Hunt may have been seriously out-gunned in the finance department. Which is a darn shame.

Nod said...

Reports are that Dems outspent GOP by a margin of 2-to-1. Not that that should determine who wins.

I never heard word one from the Marsden camp, but we did get 19 robo-calls reminding us to vote or endorsing Hunt.

The carpetbagger issue is the thing that really irritates me.


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