Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Techie In Sheep's Clothing

For the first time in over 10 years in my professional career my primary platform that I do all my work on is an operating system that I have no control over. Stuck in a Windows-only world without administrator access, with secure policies that I have helped push on others for years.

(Sigh.) O, Linux, Where Art Thou?

I may have to root my own laptop just to remember what it feels like.

But hey, I've got a rubber stamp and a paycheck, so who's complaining?


Kardinal said...

I would have termed this one "the shoe is on the other foot"

I think I would go insane in a situation like that. Start raving insane.

Can you at least Remote Desktop out to a system you can control?

the Mom said...

I know a Computer Guy who can help you get back in control.

For a small price.

Nod said...

My cube-mate has a "testing" laptop with linux on it. I feel compelled to "teach" him stuff on it several times a week. It's like a nervous twitch.

You guys are all heart.


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