Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rain Mothers Happy Mothers

In the grand tradition of our family, I'd like to wish everyone "Rain Mothers Happy Mothers or shine all the time day!".

That's what the plastic plate my brother made in 4th grade said for Mother's Day when we were growing up. Half of it was blue and half was yellow and there was a big black line drawn down the center; the words were hand written and the plate was colored in with pictures using some kind of magic shrinky-dink technology.

Everyone who looked at it read it the same way -- the blue side read: Rain Mothers Happy Mothers; the yellow side read: or shine all the time day! The way it was drawn made you read one side then the other. Once it was explained that we were supposed to read across normally, we got a good laugh out of it.

To this day, it's our favorite Mother's Day greeting.

Rainor shine
Mothersall the time
Happy Mother'sDay!

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