Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homebrew Plus Two Weeks

Making beer is an ancient and time-honored art; beer provides sustenance for the fast and pleasure for the palette. Me and the Homebrews is a chronicle of a bunch of guys following in the footsteps of the great Abbey Monks and their brews. In their honor, we domestic monks chose a Belgian style Dubbel Ale; this potent brew weighs in at 8% ABV.


At exactly 2 weeks post-brew, the Homebrew Dubbel specific gravity stands at 1.012 which is on pace to peak at an 8.5% ABV -- a perfect Dubbel. Right now it tastes like a watery beer that has been watered a second time. Not tasty, but lots better than raw wort. It gives a hint what the final product will taste like.

4 weeks to go.

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