Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camp Snyder Quickie

Well, it's no secret that I don't love camping.

Actually I do like almost all of it except the whole sleeping in tents part. When I was young I could sleep literally anywhere, and on anything, including concrete. Of course it's a lot easier when you weigh less than 100 pounds and you're still growing.

Now that I'm old and busted, I can't stand sleeping on anything that is not a bed. That is, and not be stiff and sore to the point of uselessness afterward. For the amount of times I have fallen asleep on the couch after dinner, you'd think it was comfortable for me, but it's not -- part of it is that I know I'll wake up later because I'm not comfortable.

Anyway, Wynken had a camping trip to Camp Synder this weekend, so I was duty bound to go with the boy. The facilities are actually very impressive as you can see from the picture here. Everything a boy could love: a fort, a village, archery, pool, space port, pirate ship, dinosaur bone dig, a lake, firepits, rocks, sticks, and Spike -- whups, not Spike.

It also sports some permanent tents on raised platforms which I thought was really well done. Should be a blast for day camp. Wynken must have had a great time since he conked out cold when it was time for bed. Exhaustion is the true measure of a good time, eh?

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