Sunday, May 31, 2009

Homebrew Plus 5 Weeks

Making beer is an ancient and time-honored art; beer provides sustenance for the fast and pleasure for the palette. Me and the Homebrews is a chronicle of a bunch of guys following in the footsteps of the great Abbey Monks and their brews. In their honor, we domestic monks chose a Belgian style Dubbel Ale; this potent brew weighs in at 8% ABV.


Waiting, waiting, waiting. I'll never get out of Casablanca. That's all that's left to do really, is wait. We should have siphoned the beer off into the secondary fermentation carboy, but that's more aesthetic than not: how cloudy should the beer be? Still haven't gotten that CO2 cylinder or additional One Step cleanser for the keg. One more week minimum. Waiting.

Note: to see all the entries in this series click on the homebrew label at the bottom of this post!

1 comment:

Leon said...

Lack of siphoning into a secondary stage might give you a few funny flavours near the bottom, too, as the yeast eat detritus and even each other. But that's fine by me!


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