Friday, May 8, 2009

Errands and Nodlings

Sometimes you just gotta make the best use of the time that is given to you.

Nod-girl and I got to spend a little quality father-daughter time together because she needed to be picked up from Daisies, groceries needed to be bought at Costco, and I was working a quarter mile from the school.

She gave a little squeal of joy when she saw me pull up to get her instead of her mom. "Daddy!" I would have done a lap around the parking lot and pulled up again, if I thought I could get the same reaction twice.

I decided that we should grab a slice of pizza together and buy the supplies for our upcoming Mother's Day brunch. She had a grand time skipping around the store while I filled the basket. It was all stuff that just needed to be done, but when you've got 5 nodlings and a limited amount of free time, any one-on-one time can be that "special" time together.

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