Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Iron Horse Requires Steel Feed

All right, all right, I don't have a motorcycle OR a horse OR a train, but you can't blame a man for trying.

Wynken took one look at a guy on his bike and said, "You know, Dad, I don't think I'll ever get a motorcycle. Doesn't look safe." And while this is true, they still have that mystique about them. Built for speed, the rev of the motor, the sudden acceleration can be very exciting.

I've never had a convertible (not practical) and I barley even use the retractable moon roof built into my car, except to let the heat out. Sigh. I'm just not Harley material.

My steed went into the shop today for a routine safety inspection to renew my sticker, and I didn't get out for under 3 Benjamins. The battery decided to give up, and I would have failed safety for lack of an engine mount. What? You think if the engine is going to fall on the street that's a safety issue?

We're just trying to keep the mules running as long as possible since they're all paid for. I can overlook a lot of speed, beauty, and bells and whistles in exchange for "paid". Other stuff may be exciting or better performing, but happiness is not having to give it the "steel feed" known as cold hard cash.

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