Thursday, June 11, 2009

Priest Dismissals Made Easy

[New York Times] The Vatican has made it easier for bishops to dismiss from the priesthood and release from celibacy rules those priests who have been living with women, abandoned their ministry or engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior, the Catholic News Service has reported.
[Ed.:] Maybe we should just get them time cards so they can punch out when they're done?


Anonymous said...

Easy there, snarky. Did you read the article from CNS? I'm guessing not, since the NYT didn't actually link to it: Pope grants congregation power to more easily laicize some priests

Cardinal Hummes laid out a pretty good rationale for this one. Do you think priests who are willing to abandon their ministry and live in sin for more than 5 years are ever coming back? No; I think at that point, it really is time to "think of the children."


Nod said...

The snark is reserved for those who are leaving their ministries.

Although an analogy can be made to the policy of moving holy days to Sundays. Good for the faithful by preventing mortal sin or encouraging laxity in the practice of the faith?

David Marciniak said...

Time for a union;)


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